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Alt 12-19-2018, 08:04 AM   #1
JoymaxTR - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
Üyelik tarihi: Feb 2018
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Exclamation Sparta | 110 Cap EU CHN | Server | Introduction Topic | International Language

Opening 04 January Friday Hour 20:00 Ist(GMT)
Sparta Server | 110 Cap - CHN - EU

We are here with our third server, Sparta. We are in the second year with a much more successful and advanced team.
We aim to establish a new adventure and new friendships.
Thanks to you, we learn new things every day, experience and experience.

In Ares and Poseidon, our other servers, we were always open to innovations and we wanted to give the original spirit to the people.
We have made efforts to be better by closing the deficiencies we made in our first server every day and we received quite a positive response.

Of course, there have been those who criticize us, but we have always targeted the best for our players.

The Sparta server will be much different. You will have a lot of fun.
It is very important that you enjoy and be with us.
We wanted to tell you the features on the Sparta server.
We want to be a growing family with you.


- Updated to IP Limit 4.

Our players 1 and 10 degrees between equipment from Npc 1 gold and FB can receive.

At the beginning, we have provided such a convenience for our players not to have difficulty in level development.
11 degree clean items and Sox Items will be collected only.


- Our website has been added to the Unique Rank, Job Rank, Wanted Rank.

After the maintenance day, Unique Rank and Job Rank will be given Silk awards for the first 3 people.

This type of start-up equipment has been carefully determined to keep the balance and not to be exaggerated.

Kervan Active Scroll

With the programs automatically caravan transport is completely blocked. Therefore, the gold balance will be provided in the server.
Kervan Active Scroll must be active before the caravan is purchased. This scroll will allow you to purchase goods for 5 minutes.
If this scroll is not active and you want to purchase goods you will be DC from the game.
Automatic caravan pulling gold winners were prevented.


In our new adventure, we have integrated new job suites that provide special buffers to the system. In this game, the value of these clothes is increasing because the profession cave is used actively.
You can wear these dresses as your job level rises.


We decided by the feedback that the Item Stack is the ideal shape for the 110 Cap.
All our players will be able to start this adventure easily and with no problems in their bags.
Our greatest desire is for our players to enjoy this adventure with us.

Power Balancing of Chinese Characters

Perhaps one of the most important points of our game is this section.
By making minor improvements in the characteristics of Chinese characters, the balance of power, which shows a clear difference to the European race, has been made nearly equal.Surprisingly, the Chinese characters were added to the Pain skill.


Hunter, Trader, And Thief as you cut your character per household is written to kill 1.
10-20-30-40-50 When you reach the kill number, you are given the rank of Wanted.
If you die during the kill or if you die when you get the Wanted rank, the rank will go automatically and your Kill number will be reset.

You can only cut a character 3 times to avoid making the bug. Buffs are given when you're wanted;

Wanted Level 1: (10 Kill) : Hero Mode Sublieutenant : Verdiği bufflar : Physicial damage %1 Increase,
Magical damage %1 Increase , Attack rate %1 Increase , Parry rate %1 Increase Alchemy probility %1 Increase ,
Lucky %1 Increase , Str 1 , Int 1

Wanted Level 5: (50 Kill): Hero Mode Marshall : Verdiği bufflar : Physicial damage %5 Increase,
Magical damage %5 Increase , Attack rate %5 Increase , Parry rate %5 Increase Alchemy probility %1 Increase ,
Lucky %5 Increase , Str 3 , Int 3

Forgotten World

By cutting out Uniques in Forgotten World, or by finding hidden chests, you will be able to collect 11 Dgr Power Weapons after collecting the collection items called Talisman. The Lost World covers only 11 degrees.

Innovations in game flow and first look;

- An additional feature that we have added to our game is that our players have developed the +7 item +8 and their equipment.
all of our players will be able to see them on the screen.The notice shall be written as notice.
It is a system that we add to the thoughts of insecurity, which is inevitably occurring among our players.

- When you buy from Item Mall, with the scroll you can delete your Guild and Job penalties, the penalties you receive will be disabled.

- 1-week speed is added to Item Mall. 100%

- The Academy system has been active for 110 Cap.

- You can earn GDF (Gold Dragon Flag) equipment with high-quality events.

- In Item Mall you will find all dresses.

Our motto is originality!

We use this slogan because we care to be original.

We wish you all the best in this adventure and we aim to make a great start.
Good luck, JoymaxTR.

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